Raf Simons

Art direction for the online presence of Raf Simons. My role included concepting and designing of the web experience, social media and fashion show video for Raf Simons Spring 18 collection. Together with Mark Prendergast & Philip Schütte.

Role: Art direction
At: Random Studio

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adidas by Stella McCartney

Campaign website for adidas by Stella McCartney. An unique on-going partnership within fashion and sportswear since 2005. My role on the project was to establish a design direction and guide the design process.

Role: Art direction, design
At: MediaMonks

Samsung the Dunbar Edge Experiment

A cinematic social experiment revolving around Dunbar’s Number and the quick-contact feature of the Galaxy S6 edge+. Follow a series of interactive films and find out which friends you’d call in an emergency. As an art director on the project I’ve developed the design direction and guided the execution.

Role: Art direction, design
At: MediaMonks

Calvin Klein Digital Showroom

The digital showroom for Calvin Klein (as well as Tommy Hilfiger) revolutionizes the sales experience at PVH for retailers by offering them a more engaging and seamless buying experience. I was part of the product design team as an designer and art director.

Role: Art direction, design
At: Random Studio

Phiction zine

Phiction is a celebration of storytelling through photography, writing and design. Every issue invites a writer and an artist to collaborate together.

Role: Art direction
Together with: Timo Kuilder & Bryan Wolff

Countdown to Singularity

Raising awareness for the potential dangers of AI, inviting a group of multidisciplinary artists to bring the most prominent doom scenarios to life.

Role: Art direction & design
Together with: Bas van de Poel & Patrick Pietens

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Chrome Country

Independent project I worked on for 3 years exploring the meaning of Photography. I would explore and document the ‘country’ at my own pace, focusing on states, cities and towns that I’m oblivious to. Every ‘photograph’ I took was made through Google Street View.

Exhibited in Amsterdam.

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