Martian Flag Assembly

We are on a journey to Mars. Within the next decade, the first humans will step foot on the Red Planet. An exhibition showcasing seven flag proposals designed by artists around the world, to be planted by astronauts on Mars during the first manned mission. Hosted at SPACE10 in Copenhagen June 15-22

Lineup: Braulio Amado, Builders Club, Hassan Rahim, Jena Myung, Timo Lenzen, Golgotha, Johanna Burai and website by

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Role: Concept, curation & creative direction

OLAF x matter
Cryptocurrency Wallet

A cryptocurrency hardware wallet, designed and developed to let you to securely wear, send and receive cryptocurrency. The Crypto Wallet features a Ledger Nano S inside and is exclusively sold with one Bitcoin included. It retails for the BTC’s market price of the moment of purchase (currently €7881,16).

Role: Creative direction & product development

OLAF x matter SS18

Clothing label ØLÅF and collective MATTER embark on a journey to research what the future might hold—both the near and the far. Led by a deep nostalgia for the future, the foundation for the overall collaboration is a poem sourced from a NASA research document published in 1993, titled Vision-21. The result is a capsule collection.

Film together with John Karbon and music by SIROJ

Role: Concept & creative direction

Raf Simons Spring 18

Art direction for the online presence of Raf Simons. My role included concepting and designing of the web experience, social media and fashion show video for Raf Simons Spring 18 collection. Together with Mark Prendergast & Philip Schütte. 

Role: Art direction
At: Random Studio

adidas by Stella McCartney

Campaign website for adidas by Stella McCartney. An unique on-going partnership within fashion and sportswear since 2005. My role on the project was to establish a design direction and guide the design process.

Role: Design direction
At: MediaMonks

Calvin Klein Digital Showroom

The digital showroom for Calvin Klein (as well as Tommy Hilfiger) revolutionizes the sales experience at PVH for retailers by offering them a more engaging and seamless buying experience. I was part of the product design team.

Role: Design direction
At: Random Studio


Part of the team documenting everyting around the Spring 18 Fashion show. With Olya Oleinic, Lonneke van der Palen & Guus Kaandorp.

Role: Art Direction
At: Random Studio

Countdown to Singularity

Raising awareness for the potential dangers of AI, inviting a group of multidisciplinary artists to bring the most prominent doom scenarios to life. Clock in image by bureau mirko borsche.

Role: Art Direction, Design

Together with Bas van de Poel

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Chrome Country Exhibtion

In 2016 I exhibited a small selection of images from the full archive that spans over 1000 photographs taken across the U.S. from 2012 to 2015 in Google Street View which took me over 3 years to make.

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