NPO Focus

The digital showroom for Calvin Klein (as well as Tommy Hilfiger) revolutionizes the sales experience at PVH for retailers by offering them a more engaging and seamless buying experience. I was part of the product design team.

Role: Art direction, design
At: Random Studio

Countdown to Singularity

Raising awareness for the potential dangers of AI, inviting a group of multidisciplinary artists to bring the most prominent doom scenarios to life.

Role: Art direction & design
Together with: Bas van de Poel & Patrick Pietens

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Chrome Country

Independent project I worked on for 3 years exploring the meaning of Photography. I would explore and document the ‘country’ at my own pace, focusing on states, cities and towns that I’m oblivious to. Every ‘photograph’ I took was made through Google Street View.

Exhibited in Amsterdam.

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