Marc Vermeeren - Creative & Art Director

Computer viruses steal, damage and threaten our most sensitive information, files and privacy. Nevertheless in a strange way, the virus also has an exciting, even ‘beautiful’, quality. The exhibition Malware, curated by Bas van de Poel and Marina Otero Verzier, focusses on the most infamous examples. These form the starting point for an exploration of questions of security, warfare and geopolitics in times of rapid technological advance.

Logo (Typeface: Till by Pauline le Pape)

Together with Vera van de Seyp we created a series of ‘interactive’ posters to promote the exhibtion.

All the spatial design has been done by Astin le Clercq

Neon green ink, screen printed on a heavy cotton black t-shirt.

Curation & Creative Direction by Bas van de PoelArt Direction & Spatial design by Astin le Clerq
Webcover by Vera van de Seyp