I am a creative and design director with experience in fashion, technology, and cultural sectors. Within my practice I approach projects holistically, always seeking to strike a balance between aesthetics and how things work, whether it be creating consumer facing brand experiences or finding solutions for business challenges. From ideation to implementation, I act as a bridge between strategy, talent and execution.


➀ Past

In 2007 I started my career at Achtung!, where I contributed to award-winning websites in the Flash era as a designer, after which I moved to New York City to join Firstborn. Working as one of the first designers out of the NYC and LA office I helped MediaMonks expand their global office network in North America, from 2012 to 2016. Advancing to more senior design roles over time working for Adidas, Ray-Ban, and Google among others.

Acting on my ambition to work in fashion with more nimble teams and directly with talent I joined Random Studio. There, I worked for Raf Simons' iconic label and helped translate his vision across multiple touch-points for his tenure at CALVIN KLEIN and collaborations with Fred Perry. Here we also led the design and development of a product for PVH, a digital showroom that streamlines the B2B buying process and reduces sample waste. Which after the initial setup by our team, turned into startup HATCH, now Stitch.

➁ Present

In 2018 I decided to work independently to broaden my skills and establish new relationships within different fields. This led me to work with ad agencies like Droga5/Accenture Song as creative director, doing creative consultancy and ideation for Ferdinando Verderi Studio, A24 and Mythology for clients like PRADA, crime thriller Uncut Gems, Louis Vuitton, Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs and Coinbase. Further expanding and questioning my role as designer I also started working within the fields of business consultancy and design research through Carla Camilla Hjort, doing research and consultancy projects for IKEA’s future living lab SPACE10, re-evaluating funding practices for design and architecture foundation re:arc institute, and re-envisioning the cooperative supermarket model for ICA, blending the rich history of cooperatives with current technology. I continue to take on design projects as well, working with music festival and record label Dekmantel, architecture and digital culture museum Het Nieuwe Instituut, renowned auction house Sotheby’s and ‘made in Italy’ cycle clothing label Q36.5.

➂ Future

Being fluid, fluent and confident within multiple roles I aim for a lasting sustainable collaboration within a design centered role regardless of whether I am called a creative director, design lead, strategist, or designer. I’m seeking to collaborate with forward-thinking brands, startups and other entities that operate with a holistic, creative approach and aspire to make a positive impact.